Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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The Coronavirus pandemic has raised several legal questions and concerns. Getting sound legal advice and support at a time like this can go a long way in reducing your stress and protecting your rights. 

LegalShield lawyers have been working around the clock to provide 4.4 million people and businesses the guidance they need. We are committed to remaining open and available throughout the pandemic to provide legal support.
Learn more about how to protect yourself and your legal rights during these uncertain times. Please share with people you care about. Visit our Coronavirus Legal Resource Center here: 

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Friday, April 10, 2020

VIKOR SCIENTIFIC Approved Testing for COVID-19

"Vikor Scientific™ is a high complexity CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina that has been approved to test for COVID-19 as of 3-23-2020. The testing will be conducted via the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Open Array from Thermo Fisher, which is an industry-leading instrument for PCR testing and has the capacity for high throughput, allowing Vikor to test a high volume of patients daily.

Vikor’s testing has a 24-hour turn-around-time upon sample arrival at the lab and can accurately detect over 40 pathogens known to cause respiratory illness.  Just as important, they have one of the largest antibiotic resistance gene panels on the commercial market. Our test reports provide quantitative pathogen results, resistance gene identification and pharmacy guided recommendations.  Should any further assistance be needed, our infectious disease trained PharmDs are available by phone for personal patient consultations. Test results are faxed and loaded onto our portal for easy access.

In effort to protect our most vulnerable population, Vikor Scientific has prioritized offering Respira-ID with COVID-19 testing to LTC facilities nationwide for all symptomatic or exposed patients at risk. Vikor has a step-by-step implementation process that educates the staff on proper collection, completion of the paperwork and obtaining test results.

It is vital during this time to remember that while the COVID-19 virus is our most recent and urgent pathogen invading the United States, there are other significant pathogens that cause hospitalization and death daily.  Vikor’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bill W. Massey, urges providers to conduct full panel testing to not only detect or rule out COVID-19, but to also determine what may be causing the patient’s symptoms. The causative pathogen could be viral, bacterial, or co-infection and lead to significant illness, hospitalizations, and death.

To date the coinfection rate for patients 65 and older who have tested positive for COVID-19 with Vikor has been 76.1% with some patients having up 5 coinfections. The significance of this data cannot be understated clinically as both the COVID-19 virus and the coinfection must be treated at the same time. These coinfection leads to secondary infections which is the main causes of bacterial pneumonia which is treatable.        

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Bernie Wahl
Account Manager
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Monday, December 30, 2019

IN THE SPOTLIGHT ~ Connolly Real Estate Connection

We are pleased to announce our newest advertiser in the

Eve Connolly offers 16 years as a Real Estate Professional serving the Quad City area.  The last 5 years my specialty is working with the Baby Boomer generation and Beyond. 

I assist, homeowners, in selling their home due to wanting to down size from two story home to a single level home, overwhelmed with current maintenance, health issues and/or capacity issues that may require we work with adult children, siblings, or Trustees with power of attorney in place. 

No matter what the reason for making a move, two consistent constants that I have experienced when seniors decide to sell their home are deferred maintenance and emotional attachments. 

In some cases it is financial, but in a majority of cases it is establishing a system or a road-map in how to tackle the process to make the move. 

I am a hands on person and believe in teamwork. I have established a template how to assist you in your move to your next home, with resources, when needed, to work within the close of escrow timeline.  

Call me today and let's talk about your needs and how I can assist you! 

Connolly Real Estate Connection
N. Eve Connolly, Broker/Owner
CRS, GRI, ePro,
Senior Real Estate Specialist
Certified Senior Advisor
Vetted and Fingerprinted

Buying and Selling Real Estate is different for Seniors than any other age group. Specializing in serving Baby Boomer and Beyond
“Raising the Bar in Customer Services”
Free Comparable Analysis
Free Home Staging (Former Professional Stager)
Pre-Listing Preparation Counseling
Deferred Maintenance Resources
Local and National Realtor Referral Resource
  Phone: (928) 713-0756

IN THE SPOTLIGHT ~ Love My Senior Moments

We are pleased to announce our newest advertiser in the 

For the homeowner to go through one of the most expensive and challenging transitions is when the decision is to sell their home. 

We understand this to be a very personal journey for our seniors to go through and we advise them to find a CSA (certified senior advisor) professional, who has knowledge about aging, health, social and financial issues that effect the majority of seniors and have experience in such an important transition. All types of services such as house hold chores, hair washing if they are mobile, paying billis, health checks ( checking in to make sure they are o.k.) usually every couple of days or by phone with an in home check once a week. Grocery shopping all the daily stuff that makes things easier.

If you want to stay where you are, the sale of your home is not necessary.  However, if you are looking to relocate, first and foremost are the questions of where will you move to, how will you pay for it and most important is how you will live. Once these three questions have been answered, we assist our seniors by aligning our self with their vision and mission through respect and encouragement in order to bring and keep unity. 

This is accomplished through establishing a system that works for the homeowner to keep their autonomy and an effective timeline to reach the organizational objectives. Should challenges occur (red flags) we are there to promote and protect their interests. The CSA code of ethics are: Competence, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Fairness and Professionalism. 

Call us today to learn more about our personalized senior services.  

Connolly Real Estate Connection
N. Eve Connolly, Broker/Owner
CRS, GRI, ePro,
Senior Real Estate Specialist
Certified Senior Advisor

Vetted and Fingerprinted

Buying and Selling Real Estate is different for Seniors than any other age group. Specializing in serving Baby Boomer and Beyond
“Raising the Bar in Customer Services”
Free Comparable Analysis
Free Home Staging (Former Professional Stager)
Pre-Listing Preparation Counseling
Deferred Maintenance Resources
Local and National Realtor Referral Resource
  Phone: (928) 713-0756

Friday, July 26, 2019

Living with Alzheimer's: When YOU Are the Statistic


Tucsonan Kathleen McCormack, an accomplished woman with a long and varied career in health policy, gerontology and career coaching, now has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.  

For a health professional like her, the irony of living with Alzheimer’s disease is particularly poignant.

Having known Kathleen for 22 years, I recognized that she was showing some signs of cognitive decline. Greeting cards started coming a month or more before my birthday.  She began missing birthday lunch gatherings (including her own) because she couldn’t find the restaurant.

Terry, her husband of 50 years, noticed something as well. 

“When I had my first inklings that Kathleen was having short-term memory problems, I waited for awhile and also consulted with other family members to make sure before I sat down with her to discuss it.  Although she was resistant, Kathleen allowed me to be present during her next consult with her doctor (an internal medicine specialist). Well, not only did Kathleen resist (at first) but so did her PCP.  This surprised me.”

Eight months and several appointments later, Kathleen got her referral—and diagnosis.  How is she dealing with it?

“It’s a long and winding road that plays out differently for everyone,” she notes, and there are emotional ups and downs from day to day.  “This is not like surgery or an illness, when you expect to get better and to recover.  In our culture, people expect to get better.”

The first step is deciding what to say—and when. “For all of us, the question is, ‘Whom do you talk to?  Whom do you tell?’”

Managing the family’s response is another important consideration.  “They’re going through their own feelings of anger, sorrow and denial,” she says.

Now, she wants to help others facing a similar diagnosis.

Two of her siblings also have begun to exhibit signs of memory loss. Urging them to be proactive, Kathleen has taken on the delicate and difficult task of encouraging them to have a neurological assessment.

Because of her health industry background, Kathleen understands the importance of research.  She is participating in a worldwide study of individuals with early Alzheimer’s disease on gantenerumab, a prospective drug developed by Hoffmann LaRoche and Genentech.  She does not know if she has the placebo or the drug.  

When the study concludes in two years, all randomized participants will have access to the drug, if it proves safe and effective.

In the meantime, she has found an unexpected upside. “I’ve started writing rhyming poetry, something I’ve never done before.”   

Terry also is upbeat about his wife’s journey.

“Right now, Kathleen is doing well, and I see small improvements in her ability to remember things. This may be because of the behavioral modifications that she has made herself, after doing her own research on short-term memory improvement. It could also be from the positive effect of the study drug, or maybe just a placebo effect. Regardless, I am hoping that this will continue.”

---by Jodi Goalstone.  She serves on the Regional Leadership Committee of the Alzheimer Association’s Desert Southwest Chapter in Southern Arizona.  https://www.alz.org/dsw

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rancher Services Coordinator Job Opportunity in Camp Verde Arizona at Rainbow Acres

Rainbow Acres is seeking a
Full Time Rancher Services Coordinator 
responsible for implementing a holistic care plan for each special needs resident (Rancher) with a focus on transition and retention.  With work closely with the Admissions team, Health and Wellness staff and Caregivers.  Will be responsible for the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program in accordance with EAGLE accreditation and the standards set out by the organization.

Must be able to take initiative to address the needs of incoming residents and current residents in seasons of increased need.  This is a safety sensitive position.  Evidence of strong Christian commitment is desirable.

Minimum Qualifications:
* Master's degree in Social Work or in a related field such as Special Education Five years experience working with Special Needs adults aged 18 and older.
* Highly effective verbal and written communication skills

*Establish and maintain effective work relationships with Ranchers, Families, Caregivers, other employees, volunteers and the general public

* Ability to work with both people and processes.

*Evidence of strong ethical standards and moral character is essential along with sensitivity to the needs of the Ranchers.

Excellent benefits include medical, dental and vision, life insurance, generous sick leave and vacation accrual, 9 paid holidays a year including employee's birthday, 403.b retirement that Rainbow Acres contributes $50.00 per month.

Mission Statement for Rainbow Acres Rainbow Acres, a residential
Christian community with heart, empowers persons with developmental disabilities to live to his/her fullest potential with dignity and purpose.

You may apply online at www.rainbowacres.com.  
Click the "Serve Here" tab and fill out the online application
and attach your resume.

Rainbow Acres is an Equal Opportunity Employer